2011 MA Fine Art Sculpture, Slade School of Art, London

2008 BA Fine Art Interdisciplinary, Royal Art Academy, The Hague

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019 EVER The Tetley, Leeds

2019 GLYPHS curated by Domenico de Chirico, Noire Gallery, Turin

2018 DAMA (solo presentation) curated by Domenico de Chirico & Giorgio Galotti, Turin

2018 drifts (there is always ground, even at night), MLF Brussels

2017 Independent, Brussels (solo presentation)

2016 FAULTS / FOLDS / FALLS, Vigo Gallery, London

2014 I lean to you numb as a fossil. Tell me I’m here, Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam

2013 Fragments Shored against the Ruins, Vigo Gallery, London

2013 Northern Taurids, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London

2011 Fractions, Jarmuschek + Partner, Berlin

2011 Monuments, Charlie Smith Gallery, London

Selected group exhibitions:

2019 Hortus Conclusus, Fondazione 107, Turin

2018 She sees the shadows, curated by Olivia Leahy and Adam Carr. DRAF & Mostyn, UK

2018 Prevent This Tragedy, Post-Institute London, UK

2017 XVII. The Age of Nymphs, curated by Daria Khan, Mimosa House, London

2017 Theatre of the Absurd, curated by Yasmin Atassi, Green Art Gallery, Dubai

2017 lithic seventeen with Yelena Popova, Code, Copenhagen

2017 Artist Rooms, Copeland Gallery, Bussey Building London

2017 The opposite of Now, curated by Encounter Contemporary, Guest Projects, London

2017 Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, UK

2017 Micro Salon (1957-2017) Iris Clert Legacy, l’inlassable Paris

2017 Blue Seventeen, Osnova, WinZavod Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2017 Seventeen, Centrala, Birmingham

2017 Leidenschaft, Museum Biedermann, Germany

2017 New Material, Art in Perpetuity Trust, Arts Council England, London

2016 Habitus, curated by Matthew Burrows, The Observer Building, UK

2016 Antislip, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London

2016 Playroom, Union Club Soho, London

2016 A city without a sound, curated by Karina El-Helou, Averard Hotel, London

2015 ARCHEOLOGIA E ARCHITETTURA, Fondazione 107, Turin

2015 The Sky is a mountain, organised by Stifelsen 3,14, Norway

2015 The Presence of Absence, Berloni, London

2015 Art Rotterdam, Ron Mandos gallery, Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam

2014 Brand New Second Hand, Vigo Gallery, London

2014 Lichtspiele, Museum Biedermann, Germany

2014 Warp and Woof, The Hole Gallery, New York

2014 The Crisis Commission curated by Laurence Sillars, Christie’s London

2014 Art 14 London, exhibiting with Vigo Gallery, London

2013 Great Men Die Twice, Mario Sequeira Gallery, Portugal

2013 Gaiety is most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery London

2013 Russian London, PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia

2013 Dismantling, Jarmuschek+Partner, Berlin

2013 Volta Basel, exhibiting with Jarmuschek+Partner, Basel

2013 It’s About Time, curated by Paul Carey-Kent, ASC gallery, London

2013 The Future Can Wait, Victoria House, London

2012 Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award Exhibition, London

2012 The Crisis Commission, Somerset House and Christie’s London

2012 Saatchi New Sensations and The Future Can Wait, Victoria House, London

2012 Recasting the Gods, Sumarria Lunn Gallery, London

2012 Dividing Line, curated by Sumarria Lunn Gallery, High House, Oxfordshire

2011 Reworking Memories, Group Show, Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome

2011 The Future Can Wait, Victoria House, London, UK

2011 Polemically Small, Torrance Art Museum, United States

2011 Charlie Sierra Lima, Group Show, Charlie Smith, London, UK

2011 3 Worlds in 1, London International, Lithuania

2011 The Future Can Wait presents: Polemically Small, Charlie Smith London

2010 Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4’s New Sensations, Boswall House, London

2010 The Future Can Wait, Shoreditch Town Hall, London

2010 Young Gods, Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK

Awards & residencies:

2019 Arts Council England National Lottery Grant

2019 Fondation CAB residency Brussels, Bergium 

2017 Syllabus residency Wysing Art Centre, UK in association with Studio Voltaire, 

Spike Island Bristol, New Contemporaries, S1 Space, Eastside Projects

2015 Stiftelsen 3,14 Residency, Norway

2013 Sculpture Shock Award & Royal British Society of Sculptors

2013 Villa Lena Art Foundation Residency, Tuscany, Italy

2012 Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award, London

2011 Olga Roubinskaya Foundation Award, Moscow

2011 The Land Securities Prize Award, London

2010 The Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 New Sensations Prize, London

2010 Kenneth Armitage Foundation, The Fifth Annual Young Sculptors Prize

2010 Residency at the Kurt Schwitters Merzbarn Foundation, Lake District

Publications & press:

2018 She sees the shadows, Mostyn gallery and DRAF

2018 An artwork for the end of the world by Chelsea Pettitt, Sculptor Vox 

2017 Art Monthly Review of Seventeen Centrala Birmingham review

2017 this is tomorrow review ‘Seventeen’ Centrala Birmingham review

2017 Art Research Map, review of Independent Brussels 2017

2017 White Hot Magazine, review of Independent Brussels 2017

2017 review of Blue Seventeen by Y. Ginsbourg

2017 Scandale Project magazine and publication Art is.

2016 Sailing on Solaris, by Nick Hackworth

2016 Sculpture Shock Publication, RBS London

2016 Interview, FMS magazine London

2015 Art and Religion in the 21st Century, by Aaron Rosen, Thames & Hudson publishing

2015 The Presence of Absence, Paul Carey-Kent & Berloni Gallery, London

2014 100 London Artists, by Edward Lucie-Smith & Zavier Ellis

2014 Highlike Book, Electronic Language International Festival and SESI publishing

2014 The Language of Sculpture, Crowood Press

2014 Aesthetica Catalogue, Artists Reviewed

2014 Lichtspiele, Museum Biedermann Exhibition catalogue

2013 Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery Catalogue

2013 Nika Neelova Short Feature Film, Crane TV

2013 Russian Art is Hot says the Saatchi, Huffington Post

2013 Interview Art and Surrender, Near East Magazine

2013 Interview and exhibition review, Formidable Magazine

2013 PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition Catalogue

2012 ‘Salvaged Memories’ Interview, Phaidon

2012 1883 Magazine Interview and exhibition review

2012 Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award

2012 The Future Can Wait Exhibition Catalogue

2012 Christie’s Auction Catalogue The Crisis Commission

2012 The Crisis Commission Catalogue

2011 The Catlin Guide, Selected Artists

2011 ‘The moment before collapse’, Interview for K Magazine

2011 Nika Neelova: Memories of Now by Paul Carey-Kent, Exhibition review

2011 ‘Monuments’. Exhibition review and interview, New Style Magazine

2010 ‘Future art stars cause a New Sensation’, Exhibition review, Evening Standard

2010 3 minute feature film, Channel 4 & Saatchi New Sensations

2009 Slade Album of Prints, Selected prints, collection book


DRAF David Roberts Art Foundation Collection, London; Saatchi Gallery Collection, London; Modern Forms, UK; Noire Foundation, Turin; Fondazione 107, Turin; PERMM Museum of Modern Art Collection, Russia; Museum Biedermann Collection, Germany; Beth de Woody Collection, New York; Jason Martin Collection, Portugal; Levett Collection, London; Land Securities, London; Beckers Collection, Sweden; Private collections in UK, Germany, France, Russia, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium